How it works

How it works

You will have our full support at every step of your onboarding journey

Your team attends an event

Your photography team attend the event as usual and captures awesome photos ready to later upload in our system. Remember that our maximum photo size is 10mb, so you may have to format your photos if you're shooting in RAW mode.

Photos are uploaded into Photohawk

We provide FTP uploading as standard to all our customers, which is especially helpful when you're uploading more than 1,000 photos. Simply upload them and wait for the magic to happen!

We do our thing

This is where the magic happens. Using the latest in technology, we process each photo as it's uploaded and scan for faces, bib numbers and other quality metrics to ensure anything too blurry or dark is captured.

It's time to share!

Once the uploading has finished, you can now share your gallery link with your participants! We'll be available to help if you or your customers run into any issues.