How Facial Recognition Will Save You Time as an Equestrian Photographer

Eliminate manual tagging and save time by using facial recognition software.

Capturing the perfect photo is only half the battle – once you’ve spent a day behind the lens, you’re then faced with the daunting task of sorting, manually tagging, and uploading hundreds of images. It’s tedious, boring, and tiresome.

But what if there was a smarter, quicker, and more efficient way to upload photos?

Well, that’s what facial recognition software can help you do. You can upload your equestrian photographs from a recent event, and when a rider uploads a selfie, the software matches their image with all of their event photos.

It makes it easy for riders to find their photos and helps you save hours manually tagging, sorting, and uploading photos.

In this post, we’ll explain how facial recognition software works and then share tips on how you can get set up with Photohawk.

What is facial recognition technology

Facial recognition for equestrian events allows customers to quickly locate their event images by uploading a selfie. Compared to manual tagging, it’s more efficient and improves the user experience – participants can retrieve their photos in a matter of seconds.

Further, it ensures users find all of their shots, even those far-distance photos that are often missed when manual tagging is used.

As an equestrian photographer, this saves you time and produces more accurate results.

Facial Recognition Technology

How does facial recognition technology work in equestrian photography?

Facial recognition software functions similarly to how our brains identify faces. The software scans the unique features of a person’s face, such as the shape of their nose, the distance between their eyes, and other distinctive characteristics.

When a rider uploads a selfie, the software compares facial characteristics and matches them with event photos. For a photographer, it’s similar to having an assistant who can pair riders with their photos in seconds, regardless of what helmet, gear, or other kit they are wearing. So long as you can see the rider’s face, then the software can locate their event photos.

What are the benefits of facial recognition for equestrian photographers?

You love taking pictures at equestrian events, whether dressage, endurance, polo, or jumping, but you don’t like the other tasks – the sorting, the tagging, and the other manual and tedious tasks.

Well, facial recognition allows you to do more of what you love and less of what you need to do.

Benefits of facial recognition technology for equestrian photographers include:

- Improved sales conversions
- Enhanced user experience
- No need to manually tag images (save time)

We’ll explain these in more detail below.

Improved sales conversions

Scrolling through endless pages and photos is not only time-consuming; it’s boring. Facial recognition software improves sales conversions as it removes the monotonous scrolling – customers can find their photos in seconds.

And for you, the photographer, that means less manual work tagging images and a much quicker operation from event to uploading your photos for your customers to see – getting them in front of your customers quickly to increase sales.

You can spend more time taking photos and attending events and less time working on those manual tasks you don’t enjoy.

Enhanced user experience

When riders can quickly locate all of their images, they are typically more likely to buy from you. And let’s not forget that the sooner you upload your images after an event, the more excited and eager your customers are – capitalise on the excitement!

You’ll also save time – but more on that below.

No need to manually tag images (save time)

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming task of manually tagging images. Facial recognition software is not only faster at doing this, but it’s more precise and efficient. It also provides a better and more intuitive user experience for riders who can find their photos in seconds.

With less time spent on tedious tasks, you can attend more events and do more of what you love. Or, you know, spend more time attending equestrian events!

Save time and improve user experience with Photohawk

Photohawk uses facial recognition software to improve user experience while saving you time. We can help you streamline the entire post-event process, from photo upload to customer retrieval. You’ll enjoy sharing without limits and can begin earning from your photos within minutes. Further, you’ll only pay for what you use.

Are you ready to save time while improving the user experience for your equestrian photos?

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Andy Hammond

31 July 2023