The Secrets to Selling More of Your Running Photos

Running events are a great way to bring people together for fun, fitness, and community building.

But, running events can also provide a valuable opportunity to generate sales income. Whether you're a race organizer or a photographer, there are several secrets to maximizing your revenue potential from running events.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best-kept secrets to making large sales income from running events.

Have more photos per runner

One of the first secrets to making large sales income from running events is to take more photos per runner. The more photos you take of a runner, the better the chance they will find a photo they really like.

If you're a photographer, try to take multiple photos of each runner and offer different shots with different backgrounds or actions. This will give runners a variety of photos to choose from and increase your sales potential.

This will likely involve a bigger investment by hiring additional photographers to support you in getting more shots at the event, however this can pay off substantially by increasing the available images to runners when they search for their photos.

Get the pricing right

Another key factor in generating sales revenue from running events is getting the pricing right.

You don't want to price yourself out of the market, but at the same time, you don't want to undervalue your services.

Do your research and find out what other photographers or vendors are charging for similar services. Offer competitive pricing with packages that offer different options for runners.

Have tiered pricing that includes the number of images, downloads, and prints, with discounts for bulk purchases, and early bird discounts.

Use advanced technology

Using advanced technology like bib tagging and facial recognition for selfie searching has become critical in the photo industry.

Bib tagging is a feature used extensively in specialized photo-sharing platforms. This feature makes it easy to organize and search photos based on bib numbers.

Facial recognition for selfie searching is a more sophisticated facial recognition technology that allows runners to search for their photos using facial recognition and personal features rather than bib numbers.

These technologies make it easier for runners to search and purchase their photos, which translates to more sales for the photographer or vendor.

Offer specialized editing and enhancements

Many runners want their photos to be perfect before they purchase them. To increase your sales potential, offer specialized editing and enhancements.

This could include removing any distracting background objects, smoothing out any blemishes, or adjusting the lighting. Offering specialized editing and enhancements will add value to your services and help increase your sales revenue.

Partner with other businesses

Another way to increase sales revenue from running events is by partnering with other local businesses.

For example, you could partner with a local running or sports store and offer discounts on their products to runners who purchase your photo packages.

This will incentivize runners to engage with your services while also promoting other local businesses.


In conclusion, there are several secrets to making large sales income from running events.

To maximize your revenue potential, take more photos per runner, get your pricing right, use advanced technology like bib tagging and facial recognition for selfie searching, offer specialized editing and enhancements, and partner with other local businesses.

By following these tips, you can increase your sales income potential and grow your business.

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Andy Hammond

21 May 2023