Looking to Upgrade your Photo Sharing software? Check out our must-have Features for 2023

There are so many software options when it comes to selling and sharing photos online.

Perhaps you've started out by simply using Facebook albums, Flickr or Google Photos - and now you're looking at other options.

In this article we explore some of the important features that we know photographers and content owners look for when deciding their next photo-sharing solution.

Custom styling

With photography being so accessible, there's a real desire to stand out from the crowd and look as professional as possible.

By being able to style your own galleries to suit either your own brand or your clients, you can ensure that your customers receive a consitent experience from finding your business to browsing your photos.

With Photohawk we enable you to change colours, logos and even upload your own custom font. You can also use your own domain name with a few simple DNS changes.


With many photographers working on a freelance basis, many aren't working on events or projects every week of the year.

Due to this, we see that photographers are happy to pay for a quality service however it's important that it works inline with their cashflow as a business, so that they aren't paying for a service during months when they are not as busy.

At Photohawk we believe in fairness and that's why you only pay for what you use. We only charge when you upload and we only take commission from sales events so that we're only earning when you do.

Print lab integrations

Whilst you can self-fulfill your print orders and choose a trusted supplier that you've used for years, this isn't always necessary for standard print size and paper types.

For many busy photographers, it's important to work as efficiently as possible and they want to avoid spending time arranging for print orders to be fulfilled.

This is why we offer print lab integrations. Currently within your Photohawk console you can choose from a range of standard lustre and glossy print sizes, but also more novel products such as Fridge Magnets, Ceramic Mugs and Coasters.

Automatic bib detection

Gone are the days of sitting for hours after a busy weekend shooting and manually tagging the bib numbers for each photo.

With the latest in optical character recognition (OCR) technology, this is a thing of the past.

With this advancement in technology, you can save valuable time and get your photos online faster than ever before. Often performing better than us humans, automatic bib detection can find the smallest numbers that are perhaps on a bicycle frame or wristband.

With Photohawk we include automatic bib detection as standard should you need it, so that you can get your photos online sooner to awaiting customers.

Uploading via FTP

Let's say you've just finished shooting a triathlon and have over 10,000 photos that need uploading.

Doing this via a standard web browser isn't going to be a smooth process, and whats more you're at risk of closing the browser tab by mistake or your internet cutting out half way through and trying to figure out where you left off.

This is where FTP servers really comes in handy, they provide a more reliable way of uploading large batches of photos into our servers and closely monitoring progress. You also have a lot more control over how many to upload in parallel to suit your network performance at home or in the office.

With Photohawk you get access to this as standard, simply use the same login credentials that you would use to access the admin console and use the hostname of (port 21).

Facial recognition

Over the past few years facial recognition has really being a must-have, especially for sports photographers that are shooting at mass-participants events.

Often finding more photos for customers where their bib numbers weren't visible, photographers that sell photos often see an increase in sales revenues because of this.

When uploading your photos to a Photohawk gallery, we automatically scan the faces so that gallery visitors can search with a selfie and find more photos than at previous events.

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Andy Hammond

05 May 2023