Our Top Tips for Selling your Professional Photos Online

Since we first started helping photographers in 2019, we've become familiar with common pitfalls that photographers face when trying to sell digital downloads and prints online

Optimise your JPEG size to fast uploading

More and more these days event participants have an increased expectation that photos will be ready the same day, and whilst that's not always possible for logistical reasons, it certainly helps to optimise your image size for fast uploading to Photohawk.

By using a smaller image size, you can ensure that your upload speeds are optimised and that you're online as quickly as possible to meet the demands of awaiting customers!

Secure your photos from theft

If you're trying sell your photos online then it's really important to protect them from being easily stolen with a simple screenshot.

We recommend using a 50% transparent white PNG that is tiled across your photos. This way visitors can still preview the photo and zoom-in to ensure quality, but as a business you're protected from the theft of your photos.

Offer volume discounts

If you're appealing to a mass audience for a particular event where each visitor might have 10-15 photos, it's vital to offer bulk discounts that present value for money.

Within your Photohawk account we provide the flexibility to design your own volume discounts, so the for example instead offering a single price of £9.99 for a 6" x 4" print, you can start to offer something like a pack of 10 6" x 4" prints for £29.99 which provides value-for-money for your potential customers.

Make them easy to find

When you're sharing photos with thousands of event participants, the last thing you want them to have to do is scroll for hours to find their photos.

By using technology such as automatic bib detection and facial recognition, you can ensure that the initial hurdle of making it easy for people to find their photos is pain-free.

With Photohawk we include automatic bib detection and facial recognition as standard, so your visitors can just pop in their bib number or upload a selfie and we return their photos in seconds.

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Andy Hammond

03 May 2023