Why race organisers are moving away from sharing photos via social media?

Over recent years we've seen more and more race organisers change the way they share their photos. In this article we explore the possible reasons why and take a look at how Photohawk meets these needs.

Better search experience

The majority of social media platforms typically allow for only one way for event participants to search for their photos, and that is scrolling.

If you've ever been a runner at a 10K race and your photos were made available via a Facebook or Flickr album, then you will be all too familiar with the frustration associated with endleslly scrolling through thousands of photos across multiple galleries.

With modern search options including searching by bib number or selfie searching (powered by facial recognition), event participants can find their photos in seconds which takes the pain away from having to find their photos.

Selling digital downloads + print products

Ever since COVID-19 restrictions lifted, event participant numbers have dipped and many organisers have not yet seen a return to the same registration levels.

Organisers understandably have therefore been exploring other avenues to increase their revenue and have looked to creating products from their event photos.

Many social media platforms still reduce the quality of photos that are uploaded into their albums, and many organisers have seen this as an opportunity to continue offering these lower resolution photos, but offer high resolution photos for an additional cost.

Within your Photohawk account you can configure your gallery so that "Facebook" quality photos are free, but offer a paid upgrade option to either recieve higher quality or have sponsor branding removed.

Are you ready to move away from social media galleries?

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Andy Hammond

28 April 2023